Fry and egg pump

Self-regulating pump designed to pump extremely gently from hatching to tanks. This results in significant labor savings and health and safety benefits compared to manual handling!
The pump also works great on roe.

Product Details



Fish size

0.2-6 grams (Can also handle larger fish at a slower speed)


360 l/min at 50 Hz.

Lifting height

Upto 4.5 m.

L x W x H

1015 x 680 x 1230 mm.

Power supply

230VAC 16A 1-phase

Fry is emptied into a water container at the top of the machine. Reduced risk of falls and strain injuries as you avoid carrying the fry that needs to be placed in the tanks yourself. The pump primes itself and is self-regulating with constant water flow, ensuring gentle transport of the fry.

The pump is delivered according to applicable CE standards.


Rune Reinås
Sales Manager Machines
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