Data collection

Collection of detailed production and fish data, forwarding of data to the cloud and distribution to operational personnel and veterinarians.
Live monitoring of the process.

Product Details

We collect detailed production and fish data from the vaccination machine, giving you full control over your production. The data is collected and stored in the cloud, so you and your team always have access to up-to-date information no matter where you are.

Our service also includes distribution of this data to necessary personnel, so that all involved in production can access relevant information in an easy and effective way.

To ensure that the vaccination process runs as smoothly as possible, we also provide live monitoring of the process from screens, mobile devices, tablets, etc. This gives you the ability to follow the production in real-time and make necessary adjustments where needed.

With our service, you get a more efficient and profitable production while maintaining full control over all aspects of the vaccination process.


Jon Egil Hammeren
Development manager
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