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Creative problem solver – Complete, custom-made automation systems.

Maskon is a Norwegian specialty company that designs, engineers, and produces solutions for custom machinery, robotics, and automation for the industry. Material handling and vision-based technology are among our core areas. We work on various projects, from pure consulting assignments to turn-key solutions. Maskon has a strong focus on development and customization – the solutions we offer are often specially developed to solve specific customer needs.

Creative problem solver

Maskon provides solutions for a wide range of tasks, such as sub-production for electric toothbrushes, robotic handling of cheese, and vision-based systems for sorting salmon and trout roe. What these solutions have in common is that they often eliminate labor-intensive or heavy manual tasks.

Maskon likes to see ourselves as “creative machine builders” who use the technology that is best suited for the task at hand. This means that we deliver solutions based on a wide range of technology, from pure machine constructions to systems based on robots or vision technology.

Robot-based solutions, together with vision technology (machine vision), are particularly exciting and have many possibilities! Maskon has delivered 60-70 different robot installations. We mainly use Motoman robots when developing robot-based solutions for our customers.

Feel free to give us challenges!

Maskon is best at challenges that require some extra customisation and creativity. We combine standard components and special solutions depending on what solves the task most efficiently! Feel free to involve us in the process as early as possible. When we can together identify the tasks and goals, the result is usually the best!


There are many examples of tasks that can be automated. Increased automation can contribute to increased profitability, better quality, and better working conditions.

We like to see ourselves as “creative machine builders” who use the technology that is best suited for the task at hand. This means that we provide solutions based on a wide range of technologies, from pure machine constructions to systems based on robots and vision technology.

Please feel free to contact us if you need help assessing whether a task should be automated, or if you want us to conduct a general review to assess the possibilities for automation.

Maskon has delivered many projects across various industries. This experience has given us a unique competence that enables us to solve a wide range of challenges. Automation in the industry is a broad field. There are many tasks where it will pay off to automate, while others may need to be done partly manually with the help of a robot. This is something that needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Some examples of areas where we have expertise include:

  • Automatic assembly lines
  • Material handling
  • Palletizing
  • Smaller machines and equipment
  • Collaborative robot applications

Food industry

Products and solutions in the food industry are an important customer group for Maskon. In recent years, several large and small projects have been carried out for, among others, TINE, Nortura, and Nidar. Among the projects are the placement of spoons on Go’Morgen yoghurt, special machinery for handling cheese, lid application, label application, lifting/handling equipment, stirring, packing in bags, and more.

  • Sausage handlers
  • Spoon application
  • Automatic placement in packaging machine
  • Special machinery

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