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The needs for vaccination are constantly changing, and Maskon works extensively to meet these needs. New vaccines are constantly being developed and to avoid unnecessary handling of the fish, we can now administer up to 4 different vaccines at the same time.
We have also developed additional equipment to simplify logistics and the everyday life of the fish farmer.

Product Details

Injection units

Our injection units are capable of administering all types of vaccines available on the market with high precision. Each individual dose is closely monitored to ensure that the injection is correct in terms of both pressure and quantity.

Quattro unit

The latest addition to the injection units is a Quattro dosing unit that allows for up to 4 different vaccines to be administered simultaneously. We can now administer 1 x IP, 2 x IP, 3 x IP, 4 x IP, and IM injections, with doses ranging from 0.025 – 0.1 ml. Each vaccine type can have a different and adjustable dose size, and the vaccines can be administered sequentially or simultaneously.

Small Fish Separator

With our small fish separator, one can remove the smallest fish before it enters the vaccination machine, thus avoiding it from taking up capacity. The device is placed after the anesthetic device and sorts out the smallest fish. The size of the sorted fish can be easily adjusted by adjusting the opening of a slot.

Lift screws

Transparent Archimedes screws are used to lift the fish after vaccination. This is a gentle way to lift the fish, and at the same time, it is a favorable way to wake the fish up after anesthesia. These screws can also be used on unanesthetized fish, for example, after sorting.

HSE-Friendly Mixing Station

This is an extension of our automatic dosing equipment for anesthesia that we have developed to meet all the new skin health products that have come onto the market. It is a blending station that, in addition to blending anesthesia, can also automatically add other products. The station does not need to be placed directly next to the vaccination machine, making it easier to fill products into the unit. This is important as quite a few liters are used per blend.

Vaccine cabinet

The reason we have developed this cabinet is to simplify the work for the operators. When we first started with just one vaccine and one needle, this was not a challenge. But now, with the possibility of up to four different vaccines and two needles, this simplifies the job for the operators.

The price for this cabinet is 6000 NOK, including installation, when ordered and installed in conjunction with a service.

Bag holder

A new bag holder is available to simplify the organization of vaccine bags, especially when using the quattro dosing unit. This bag holder is included in the delivery when you purchase the quattro dosing unit. However, it can also be purchased separately and used for vaccination with the triple dosing unit.

The price for this bag holder is 4000 NOK, and this amount includes installation when ordered and installed together with a service.


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Sales Manager Machines
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