Maskon is launching a new dosing unit to administer 4 different vaccines simultaneously!

There are constantly new vaccines emerging, which means that the need for vaccine injection will also change. To meet this need, Maskon is expanding its product range and launching a new dosing unit for injecting all the different vaccines available on the market. This unit enables all necessary vaccines to be administered in a single process, without the need to catch the fish multiple times. The unit can administer both water-based and oil-based vaccine doses with great precision, down to 0.02 ml, which meets Maskon’s requirements for accuracy and flexibility. The unit can be retrofitted to all machines, providing necessary flexibility.

The new dosing unit can administer up to 4 different vaccines simultaneously, and this unit can be used for all vaccines available on the market today. The unit is fully flexible when it comes to dosage size, and the vaccines can be injected simultaneously or sequentially depending on what suits the vaccines best. It can be used for both IntraPeritoneal (IP) and IntraMuscular (IM) vaccines at the same time. Each dose is monitored and controlled with pressure sensors, so there is full control over injection pressure and consumption. It can be run with different and adjustable dosage sizes.

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